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Specialized Paper Packaging Manufacture to Make It Easier for Brands to Get Highly Customized Packaging 


Know About Why We Are Trustworthy In Packaging

Our operations are fully certified, ensuring that we meet high standards for both product quality and environmental stewardship. We tailor every aspect of our packaging solutions to align with the values and aesthetics of luxury brands, ensuring that every package adds value to the product inside.

No matter where you are in the world, our logistics capabilities ensure timely delivery of your packaging solutions, letting you focus on running your business.

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Pursuit of excellent quality

Adhere to the pursuit of excellent quality, the use of advanced production technology and strict quality management system to ensure that products meet customer requirements and industry standards.

Personalized customized service

Through close cooperation with customers, Xinxiang Pkg can quickly respond to market changes, meet customers’ special requirements for packaging, and enhance product added value and market competitiveness.

Sustainable Development

Xinxiang follows environmental protection standards in the production process, promotes the research and development of green packaging technology, and realizes the sustainable development of enterprises.

Product advantages

The biggest advantage of our paper packagings is that they are high-end qualified, cost-effective and all with closed circle of sustainability and traceability.

Each piece of our packaging is crafted and tested to meet the highest standards while remaining economically viable for businesses looking to enhance their brand without exorbitant costs. More importantly, we ensure a transparent and traceable production process from start to finish. 

Platform advantages

Located in Shanghai, one of China’s most advanced cities, XINXIANG PKG is perfectly positioned to offer our clients unmatched logistical advantages.

We combine Shanghai’s traditional commitment to rigorous quality control with modern, fully automated equipment. This fusion not only guarantees the high quality of our paper packaging products but also allows us to maintain cost-effectiveness.

Meet the Team

Our team structure is meticulously designed to optimize every step of your packaging journey, ensuring seamless service from start to finish.

Dedicated sales representatives engage with you from the initial discussions, ensuring your requirements and timelines are clearly understood.

Our talented designers craft trendy, practical, and cost-effective packaging solutions that elevate your brand’s presentation and appeal.

Utilizing fully automated printing and packaging equipment, along with skilled artisans boasting over 15 years of experience, we guarantee precision and quality in every product we create.

Quality control and logistics teams work in tandem to oversee and streamline the entire process, ensuring that your packaging is not only top-notch but also delivered on time and in perfect condition.


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